China automatic powder packing machine suppliers

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China automatic powder packing machine suppliers

Postby hiastory » Mon May 20, 2019 8:37 am

1.Our History
We Focused on bakery equipments and packing machine about 10 years.
Started as simple bread production line , now ,we have 2 main plant.
One is complete bakery and pastry plant, including bread,cake,biscuit,pastry making machine.
Another is packaging plant. It includes bakery product packing machine ,tea bag packing machine, box wrapping machine ,weigh filler and other vertical packing machine.
2. Our Factory
Shanghai Mooha is located in Shanghai of China, has a few different factories in shanghai or nearby district.
3.Our Product
Shanghai Mooha Products includes the following:
1, bakery machinery
Rotary rack oven,spiral dough mixer, planetary mixer, dough divider, sheeter, toast moulder, baguette moulder, proofer, other baking oven. bread slicer,different pans.
2,packing machine
Vertical packing machine ,flow packing machine, cellophane overwrapping machine,
Teabag packing machine,granule and powder weighing filling machine.
3,ice maker and related food machinery
Different capacity ice cube maker ,ice cream machine.
Pressure fryer,chips fryer,similar KFC fast food equipments
4.Product Application
Bakery equipments is used in different scale bakery ,pastry factory ,supermarket ,hotel.
Packing machine is the necessary equipment for teabag factory , cosmetics processing and different packing plant.
5.Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, CE and our stringent quality control system.
6.Production Equipment
Advanced production machine to make sure good quality.
7.Production Market
90% of our product are exported directly.
Bakery equipments main market is UAE, Africa, New Zealand , Australia.
Teabag packing machine, weigh filling machine, cellophane wrapping machine’s Main market is Europe, America…
8.Our service
Show you product detail as more as possible,
And welcome your visit any time .
Reply your inquiry within 24hours.
Update you production process everyweek.
Testing machine before delivery, at the same time ,take pictures and video .
Also supply good service after sale. Warranty is one year.China automatic powder packing machine suppliers

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