China Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

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China Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Postby hiastory » Mon May 20, 2019 9:00 am

1. Coil width: 940mm
2. Material thickness: 0.45mm-0.5mm,G550
3. Forming speed: 0-15m/min
4. Roll station: upper 20 stations, down 18 stations
5. Main power:7.5kw
6. Hydraulic power:4 kw
7. Control system: PLC Panasonic
8. Drive: by chain
Specification of the material
1.Suitable Material: Colored Steel plate, Galvanized steel
2.Width of the raw material: 1220mm
3.Thickness: 0.2mm-0.45mm
Profile drawing:
Up layer:

Down layer:

The Chart of Process Flow:

Hydraulic Un-coiler—Roll Forming—Cutting—out table

Machine Detailed Parameters:
1 Coil width 1220mm
2 Rolling Speed 0-15m/min
3 Rolling Thickness 0.2-0.45mm
4 Control System PLC (Panasonic) as list in the note
5 Un Coiler 6T hydraulic de-coiler with coil car
6 Pre-cutting Pre-cutting install after feeding for customer change coil only
7 Roller Stations Up layer: 24stations
Down layer: 22 stations
8 Roller Material ASTM1045 chrome plated surface with chrome
9 Shaft Material and DIA ¢76mm, material:45# with quenching and tempering
10 Post cutting Machine adopts hydraulic cutting system
11 Material Of Cutting Cr12, 58-62 HRC hardness
12 Maim Motor Power 11kw
13 Hydraulic Station Power 7.5kw
14 Hydraulic Pressure 12-16Mpa adjustable
15 Structure Of The Stations Guide pillar
16 Tolerance 3m+-1.5mm
17 Electric Source 380V, 50HZ,3 phase
According to customer's require
18 Way Of Drive By chain China Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

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