Customized Hot Air Welding Machine

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Customized Hot Air Welding Machine

Postby hiastory » Mon May 20, 2019 9:04 am

Hemming Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine
1.Specifications of Hemming Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine
Rated voltage220V/230V
Temperature range20-700℃
Net weight25KG
Gross weight35KG
Packing size63*48*38cm
Welding thickness0.2-4mm
Welding width2-4.5cm
Temperature fluctuation±1℃
Hot air gunOriginal leister 3400W heat gun
2.How to operate Hemming Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine
(1)Make the cloth for seaming flat and put it underneath.Fix both ends by adhesive tape or something else.
(2)The overlap width of the two pieces is about 3 mm,the width of the nozzle of hot seaming machine.
(3)Put the machine nozzle between two overlap pieces.
The press wheel should be at left side of nozzle.The nozzle also need align with side of upper piece of cloth.
(4)Switch on the motor power and then adjust speed.
(5)Turn on the movement switch.
(6)Press heating power key to adjust temperature.
(7)Turn the bar by anticlockwise to fix the position to startup automatic movement.The machine will go along with the overlap path by itself.
(8)Turn the bar by clockwise to cease the automatic work.
(9)The operator should control the moving direction and make sure the nozzle connect both with upper and under piece cloth.
3.Applications of Hemming Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine
4.Delivery, shipping and serving of Automatic hot air banner welding machine
We assure you:
(1).With high quality products;
(2).The most superior price;
(3).Timely delivery;
(4).High quality after-sales service.
We will arrange the shipment 7 days after payment with express like TNT,UPS,DHL and FEDEX etc.
5.Exhibitions we attendCustomized Hot Air Welding Machine

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